Real Estate 
If you are considering, or have begun any type of real estate transaction, it is advisable to acquire your own legal representation. Attorney Franco offers comprehensive representation for both buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, refinancing, or choosing the retirement home of your dreams, Attorney Franco will see to every detail from the beginning of the process through to closing.  Attorney Franco also represents clients in connection with title matters as well as residential and commercial landlords with the same hands on attitude. 


Estate Planning
Estate planning can be a complex process. Beyond preparing a will, there are unique estate planning needs at every stage of life. Whether you’re in your newlywed days, have kids in grade school or college, or are heading towards your retirement years, there are specific factors to consider when thinking about the future. Attorney Franco provides solid guidance on wills, trusts, heath care proxies, powers of attorney, declarations of homestead and eldercare arrangements, while keeping your goals, your stage of life, and your personal needs and requests in mind.


Estate, Trust, and Probate Administration
Estate and probate administration can seem daunting, especially after a loss. Pursuant to the recently enacted Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code, Attorney Franco can guide clients through the complicated probate process. She will competently handle all proceedings under the new law including formal, informal, and voluntary petitions for probate. Don't know what those are, or which you need? Attorney Franco will help you decipher the terminology and navigate the correct path for your situation. In addition, Attorney Franco offers assistance with asset collection, sale and distribution, works with estates subject to MassHealth liens, and counsels clients on estate and trust tax filings.


Business Law
Starting a business but don’t know where to start legally? Attorney Franco will help create and file the appropriate business stature reasonably and efficiently. Proficient at drafting organizational documents for all types of corporations, including Professional and S-Corporations, as well as Limited Liability entities, Attorney Franco will, in an on-going capacity, advise on business matters as they arise.